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The degree programs on the College Degree Directory are organized by degree type. This makes it easy for you to find the course of study that may interests you, and then to find out the colleges and universities that offer degrees in that area.

Campus degree programs don't necessarily require that you live in a dorm room. Many of the schools in the list have convenient locations in major cities, and offer night and weekend classes so that you may attend school and still continue working. Campus-based programs may be ideal for those individuals who prefer the structure of going to class on a regularly scheduled basis, and like the direct interaction with other students and faculty members.

Accounting Degrees

With a degree in accounting, graduates may take positions working as an accountant for a single company, or as an accountant providing services for many individuals or companies. Accountants may be generalists, or choose to specialize in a specific area, such as taxation, cost accounting or public sector accounting.

Animation Degrees

Animation may originally involved creating many slightly different drawings to show motion effects, and then transferring those drawing to film in cartoons. Now, computers have greatly changed the animation industry. Animators may involved in many types of motion pictures as they create special effects. Specialized workstations create the animated characters you see, and place them in a picture filmed by a regular camera. And, the advent of the Internet and video gaming brings many more opportunities for careers in animation.

Business Administration Degrees

People who want a general education in business or management may consider pursuing an degree in Business Administration. These degrees may be ideal for people who are presently working and want to advance to management positions. The Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) degree may considered by some companies as a prerequisite for senior management.

Computer Science Degrees

Whether you're seeking a degree as a computer programmer or want to get involved in information technology, a computer science degree may get you started. By concentrating in programming, your degree may lead to positions as a programmer or software engineer, and you may specialize in web based or client server systems. By concentrating in IT, you may learn to design and develop network systems for companies large and small.

Criminal Justice Degrees

Criminal Justice is a wide-ranging field which may includes the police, the court system, the prisons and correctional system, and private security and investigations. All of these systems work together to ensure that we live in a safe and secure world. Schools with criminal justice degree programs may teach students how these different components of the system function.

E-Commerce and E-Business Degrees

While the collapse of 'brick and mortar' businesses didn't take place as predicted in the late 1990's, businesses everywhere have realized that to remain competitive, they need to integrate information technology and the Internet into their business operations. Schools with E-business training programs teach technical and business skills necessary to develop online solutions to business challenges. Some degree programs may focused on the training managers how to convert current business practices into online operations, while others focus on the technical aspects of developing e-commerce solutions.

Fashion Design and Marketing Degrees

The clothing and apparel trade is a multi-billion dollar business that includes designers, retailers, and production houses. To be successful, designers must create the right style that matches the interests and needs of the customer, and produce and market it successfully.

Graphic Design Degrees

Even with the many changes the computer has brought to the field of graphic design, training in the traditional elements of design, including typography, color, patterns, and layout holds the potential to advance your career. And, having a degree may open the doors to positions such as art direction, product design, packaging design, and many more.

Human Resources Degrees

Human Resources directors have become a critical part of corporate operations. Companies realize that attracting and keeping top employees is a key part of being a success. The HR department has become a key component in this process. Human Resources specialists have a wide range of responsibilities ranging from employee compensation and benefits to recruiting new employees, training and equal employment opportunity monitoring.

Interior Design Degrees

Interior designers are professionals who plan the layouts of interior spaces, and select the furnishings and other materials used to furnish these rooms. They may be required to familiar with the technical aspects of design and drafting, and know the requirements of building codes and ergonomics. Colleges and universities with degree programs in interior design may give students this theoretical knowledge that students can combine with their personal creativity to start successful careers.

International Business Degrees

The world is increasingly moving towards a global economy. Vendors, customers, and even employees may be located throughout the world. The increasingly international nature of business requires new skills in people management, cross-cultural awareness, and the regulations that affect doing business globally. Colleges and universities with International Business degree programs may provide the current theory and practices used when dealing with the international community.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Degrees

Manufacturing has moved from a vertically integrated model, where all materials used to create a product are made at a single location, to a just-in-time manufacturing model, where components arrive at the final assembly location just before they are used. This change has increased the importance of accurately forecasting and managing the supply chain. Colleges and universities offering logistics and supply chain management degrees may provide training in disciplines including material flow, work methods, and technology.

Management Degrees

A degree in Management may be helpful if you want to run a company, start your own entrepreneurial business, or hold a leadership position somewhere. Management degrees are frequently offered as majors within Business Administration degree programs, and may focus on small business management enterprise management, or other areas.

Marketing Degrees

Marketers bridge the needs of a business with the wants and desires of its customers. Marketing uses many techniques, including advertising, branding, public relations, and marketing communications to reach possible customers and prospects. In many companies, the marketing function may tightly integrated with sales. New Internet and computer technologies have created new opportunities for marketers, and colleges and universities offering marketing degrees may offer state of the art courses that teach students to leverage these technologies.

Project Management Degrees

Project Managers use their organizational and leadership skills to manage teams, equipment, and other resources in businesses where work is project based, rather than being a continuous process. Whether the task is constructing a new building, or developing and testing a new piece of software, the project manager is responsible for making everything run smoothly. Colleges and universities with Project Management degrees teach skills including planning, teamwork, scheduling, and resource management.

Technology Management Degrees

The increasing move towards technology poses a problem for businesses of all sizes. Traditional management skills of finance and leadership don't necessarily equip the manager to effectively leverage new technologies. On the other hand, technologically knowledgeable workers don't always have the management and business skills to become leaders. Colleges and universities with Technology Management degree programs may bridge that gap by providing training in business and technical skills, and how to integrate them.

Visual Communications Degrees

Visual Communications takes the art of design beyond the printed page. With new technologies, including digital photography, animation, video, and other media, designers require new skills. Colleges and universities with visual communications degree programs may combine training in design skills that have been around since Gutenberg invented the printing press with 21st century technology that creates many of the visual effects we see today.

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