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More and more colleges and universities are beginning to offer online degrees for many of their programs. Studying for your degree online over the Internet may have many advantages. You may not tied to a class schedule at specific times, so you may attend class when it's convenient for you. Many programs may allow you to study at your own pace, so you can make the time work for you. With distance learning, you may often save money on tuition compared to a campus based school, and you may be able to complete your degree faster.

We have grouped related degree programs offered by online colleges and universities into their general areas of specialization. You can click on a heading to view the schools offering programs in that area, along with the specific Bachelor, Master's or Ph.D. degrees they offer.

Online Accounting Degrees

With an accounting degree, you may be able to start or advance your career in financial management. Whether you choose to become a public accountant, corporate accountant, government accountant or an auditor, your accounting degree may help you prepare for certification.

Online Business Administration Degrees

Whether you want to advance your skills to move into management, or you want to advance your career into senior management, an online degree in Business Administration might pave they way. Online programs include the Bachelor's of Business Administration, the MBA, and even a doctorate program.

Online Computer Science Degrees

Computer Science degree programs range from computer programming to information systems and information technology management. Advanced Master's degree programs available online include digital security and telecommunications management.

Online Criminal Justice Degrees

Criminal justice is a wide-ranging field, with careers available in the public sector in law enforcement, the court system, or in the correctional system. A criminal justice degree may also be used to start or enhance a career in private security or government.

Online Electronic Commerce and E-Business Degrees

All types of businesses, from mom and pop companies to multinational corporations, are harnessing the power of the Internet to conduct business. Whether it's a retail storefront, a customer relationship management system, or a supply chain and logistics system that lets needed parts arrive the next day, electronic commerce is having a big impact. E-Commerce programs may give students a combination of technical knowledge and business skills needed to plan, implement, and manage these solutions.

Online Education Degrees

Postgraduate degrees in Education may help advance the career of elementary and secondary school teachers, administrative and instructional staff, and professionals who are involved in developing curricula, educational materials, or corporate training programs.

Online Finance Degrees

Degrees in Finance focus on money and banking, investments, and financial management. Graduates of these programs may find careers in corporate finance, personal financial management, banking or investment companies, or in the public sector.

Online Game Design Degrees

Video game design and development requires a combination of computer and creative skills. Game designers and developers prototype new computer games, create scenes, environments, and characters, develop plots, and then program and test the finished product until it is ready to be sold at retail.

Online Health Care Management Degrees

Healthcare is a big business. Health care administrators and managers have the responsibilities found in managing any large organization, plus attending to the needs of patients, and complying with government regulations. Degree programs in this area may include health care administration, public health, health care management, and health services management.

Online Human Resources Degrees

As the United States moves increasingly towards a service oriented economy, corporations are beginning to realize that their greatest assets are their employees. As a result, they are paying more attention to hiring, training, and motivating qualified individuals. A degree in Human Resources may prepare you to take on a position in recruiting, labor relations, employee benefits and compensation. At the graduate level, an advanced degree in Human Resources Management may prepare you for a leadership position where you help senior management deploy its employees in line with business objectives.

Online Human Services Degrees

Human services professionals are involved in many areas of society -- from social work to the criminal justice system, to social policy planning. Human services training may provide the practical skills and techniques needed to provide counseling and intervention assistance to individuals trying to cope with changes in their lives. It may also develop the graduate's management skills, so he or she will be able to manage human services organizations within the community, and set policies for care delivery.

Online Information Systems Security Degrees

The open nature of the Internet means that companies today are vulnerable to attacks from hackers, viruses, worms, and other attempts to do damage to corporate information systems. Companies may prefer qualified people who can prepare and implement a corporate information security plan to help them deal with system vulnerabilities. A degree in information systems security may provide valuable knowledge to land one of these in-demand positions.

Online International Business Management Degrees

Managers in businesses that operate internationally need to have an understanding of how differences in cultures and economies affect the operations and practices of the enterprise. Colleges and universities offering international business degree programs teach students the principles of business administration from a global perspective, along with the unique requirements of the international environment.

Online Law Degrees

A Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree may prepares the graduate to sit for a state's Bar examination -- a prerequisite for practicing law in front of state and many federal courts. Even if you are not planning to prepare for the Bar examination, a legal education may help you with the knowledge of the law, and may also help with analytical and critical thinking skills, which is valuable to many professionals.

Online Management Degrees

Management degrees provide the training and knowledge you need to deal with complex issues in business today. As companies grow ever larger, with multiple divisions and branch offices, knowing how to identify needs, opportunities, and threats and having the skill to navigate through them is essential. Online Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Management include Global Management, Organizational Leadership, and more.

Online Marketing Degrees

Marketers work to get their product or service exposed to the buying public. While marketing is frequently implemented through advertising, it may involves many other disciplines, including public relations, brand building, customer loyalty programs, corporate communications, and more. Online programs include Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Marketing, and degrees in Advertising.

Online Nursing Degrees

While many nurses start their careers by becoming registered nurses, they later want to complete a bachelor's degree in order to become eligible for a more senior position. For many working nurses, the time required to attend a traditional college just isn't there. Online degree programs may offer a way for RNs to get their BSN (or for undergraduate degree holders to earn a graduate degree) without disrupting work or family life.

Online Project Management Degrees

Traditional management degrees may provides the leadership skills across an entire organization. The project management discipline may provides the skills needed to lead the team of workers in projects designed to achieve company's goals.

Online Public Administration Degrees

While most business degrees focus on skills needed for profit making enterprises, Public Administration degree programs address the needs of nonprofit and governmental organizations, including federal, state, and local governments, health care facilities, charities, and educational institutions.

Online Technology Management Degrees

As businesses turn to technology to increase productivity and profits, they face new challenges in integrating that technology with their current processes of dealing with employees, customers, and suppliers. No matter whether the organization produces technology or uses it to produce other goods or services, individuals with degrees in Technology Management may provide the leadership necessary to succeed.

Online Telecommunications Management Degrees

Telecommunications has come to embody all methods of voice and data communication, including wide area networking, telephone (both land line and cellular) and mobile and wireless technologies. This specialized branch of information technology is becoming more important with the advent of teleworking and the globalization of the economy.

Online Visual Communications Degrees

Visual Communications programs may include graphic design, animation, web design, and multimedia content development. What used to be created on a drawing board with pen and pencil is now done on the computer, and visual communications schools provide training in the latest computer design applications.

Online Web Design and Multimedia Degrees

Creating a powerful website is like creating a computer program -- and about as complicated. Web designers need a broad skill set, including programming skills, design ability, familiarity with multimedia authoring tools and applications, HTML, and marketing and communications ability. A degree in web design may give you the start you need to design, create, and manage interactive websites, multimedia training programs, or other visual communications projects.

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